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I have a 4 yr old Boxer who has just recently had her 2nd surgery to remove lumps. The first 2 lumps removed in July were infected hair follicles. Shortly after that surgery I noticed another on one of the same legs that had been operated on. It looked and felt exactly the same. Dr. said probably is. So she gets another on in Dec however, this one is above the skin, is red and changes size. Dr said immediately upon examination that it had to be removed, surgery to be schedule within 2 weeks. Post surgery, surgeon says he found another lump in there and removed both, that they looked same, etc... I am waiting on the pathology report. But my question is why would all of a sudden she started having problems with infected hair follicles? Is this weird or is it just me? And if that is what they really are shouldnt antibotics help instead of having to put her through surgery every couple of months? Can this just happen one day and just keep happening?
Thanks. I am interested to hear what anyone has to say about this.


Are you sure this isn't allergies? I had a boxer who, at around age of 3 or 4, showed skin irritations. Boxer are VERY prone to allergies. You can ask for a RAST test and see if there's something bothering her. I'd strongly urge getting a second opinion. best wishes.


My mother in law has a cockatail bird. Just recently he developed a large grape size lump on the top inner part of his wing. It looks like a big purple gape. Last night, he must have picked on it or bumped it into something and it popped. Blood was coming out of it. She hasn't taken the bird to a vet yet. Thery are planning on taking him this weekend. By any chance, might you know what it is by my discription?


my dog got a bump on her foot,it dosen t bother her(not sore,pinkish colour,)just on top of her foot ,grew within a week)i have been soaking it in salt water and puting oniement on it and wrapping it just wondering what it may be

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