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My Golden Retriever Brandi was 6 years old when struck with Lymphoma cancer. All I can say is that, thank God I touch my 4 goldens everyday and noticed the lumps in her throat the next day. It pops up like that over night sometimes. We took Brandi to The Veternarian Cancer Hospital in Tustin California and they were wonderful to us and gave us 9 more quality months with Brandi before her passing June 12th 2006. It was very expensive doing the Chemo treatments and even had to take a loan out for it, but if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it any other way. Her story I posted on this site Brandi's story and how she came back to me and lead me to the 2 new golden additons I have adopted since her passing. No other dog will ever take her place but because of Brandi, I can smile again and love 4 goldens now.
Lanie & the Gang


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