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William Devoy

I appreciate your advice about making sure you select a dog that fits your lifestyle. Our family is considering a pet dog, and I was hoping to get some advice. My wife tends toward being alergic, although she does not seem to be bothered by dogs that do not shed a lot. We have small children, so we do not want an aggressive dog. We have a yard, but it is not enclosed, so it would not get very much outdoor attention. We would prefer a dog that is easilly trained. Soft, medium length coat is preferrable with little shedding is preferrable. The shedding is more important than the texture or length of coat. Realistically, we would not be the type of people who would spend a lot of time or money grooming the dog, but we would brush it out on a weekly basis if this is what was needed. Barking to alert of an intruder would be okay, but I prefer a quiet dog. We would also prefer a small dog of 10 lbs or less. The dog would probably be left alone at home for around 20-30 hours per week.
My wife fell in love with a Toy Yorkshire Terrier and I am concerned as to whether we are the right fit. What do you think? Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.

William Devoy


yorkies will require weekly/ daily groomiong.

akc has endorsed penn. congressman sentorum's legslation PAWS it will greatly reduce your chances of getting a quality yorkie or any other breed from an individual / show breeder . this legislation is federal and will impact breeders of all pet animals in a way that may reduce pet buyers ability to go to individuals. and force pet buyers to go to pet shops and shelters for their pet buying needs.


A friend of mine bought a Schnoodle (poodle/schnauzer mix) and said that its good for those with allergies (I forget why..less dander or ?), my friend has asthma,and has had no allergic reaction to it. Now it's 7 years old now, and a great family dog, nobody has problems with it at all, it's really cute and friendly as well. Just a thought.

Suzy Allman

Two words for people who fall into the category of someone who mights say, "Doctor, can you get me something to calm this dog down? He's really driving us crazy. All he wants to do is play."

Adult dog.

Rescue an adult dog -- or better yet, an elderly dog -- and you'll never regret it. They're grateful. They know the rules. They will thank you every day.

Please don't forget the millions of dogs that are spending their lives homeless and in shelters, dogs who belong to no particular breed but deserve a loving home. This article is a great guide, but I have to say, after owning several rescue dogs, shedding would be the concern farthest down my list.


I did adopt a 10 yr old golden retreiver...I called her my miracle child ,for she lived another 5 years and I was blessed to have her loving presence for much longer than I expected. I still miss her, she died a week before last xmas. her name was Cassie.

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