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Kim Keister

Dogs understand more then we give them credit for

Patrick Gallagher

The love of a dog is more than we can ever imagine, pure and deep, and REAL!..This article and photo touch my heart as I just recently had to lay my 15 year old yellow lab- Gorby, to sleep as his old body was worn out, and I know he told me he was ready to move on...I miss him dearly and I know he is waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge when I go to meet him. I hope and believe I know Officer Tumilson and Hawkeye will be together again. With a bond like I had with Gorby and Hawkeye had with Tumilson..we will be with our dogs again. God bless the families and Hawkeye....
Patrick Gallagher

Marsha J marley

My condolences to Petty Officer Tumilson's family and to Hawkeye. I pray that his heat is not broken and is doing well. dogs are very special too us they know when they are most needed and when thier best friend has left us here to finish what needs to be done.


this is a very true and loyal dog.... there is no other love then a dog to his owner... the bond is unbreakable through life and death... god bless these soldiers and god bles the soldeirs family who have lost a loved one...

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