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Amazing! I am loving it! I will come back again. I am taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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Sooo inspiring story! I love reading this story very much. For me, these dogs thought some values for all us to have faith in all circumstances and to be brave in all shortcomings. They are super dogs. I was very encouraged to find this site. And the reason is that this blog contains lots of good articles. And before leaving this page, I wanted to thank you for this detailed plotting of the subject.

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Sooo smart doggies! I am so intrigue by how Mr. Kikuchi trained his dog to respond brilliantly in times of this same catastrophe. nice.

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Brilliant dogs! So amazing...for a dog to survive from the rushing water while they were tied up. If only they could talk I am excited to hear their full story of survival. lol

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Hello. Great job. I did not expect this. This is a great story. Thanks!


Amazing! Where did you get this wonderful story? I actually like dogs and these dogs were amazing. Keep posting more interesting stories like this buddy be coming back for more readings.


Reading the whole story and watching the video could really make you think how did those dogs survive when they were tied up with ropes. But then, in the end the important thing is that they survived and now they're eminent worldwide.

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This article makes me cry because it makes me remember my beloved dog. He was my first dog and we've been good friends for almost 7 years until a great disaster happened. It wasn't in a tsunami, storm, nor flood but a huge flash of fire. I can't tell you more because it hurts my feelings when I talk much about it. I just want to say before ending this comment that the owner is too lucky to have them.


Amazing dogs! Have you trained them in situations like that? They are truly incredible! Provillus

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Are they just lucky or they're truly so amazing to survive that big waves of water? Their story is very interesting it's like the movie. Xtreme NO

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That's a very cute story. They're really lucky to survive the tsunami in Japan. More power! Have a great day!


So amazing! Are they just lucky or they're wonder dogs? Well, whatever it is maybe it is a combination of luck and brilliance. Great!

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The article is great.

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So amazing...for a dog to survive from the rushing water while they were tied up. If only they could talk I am excited to hear

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