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posted on my home page

Nancy Tobis

I would become a fan as it is a worthy cause BUT as it is through Pedigree dog food I cannot.
I strongly object to the ingredients of Pedigree dog food.

tanya robbins

does not matter as long as animals are saved


hi. im sarah and luv pets.:)


Have fun eating little doggies!

Nancy Corley

Would do as much as I could, if I were employeed...but in the mean time this is wonderful and I can be helpful if only in writing. Animals in this predicament are there because of the bad practices of us humans and their need to procreate be it what ever being they, the humans, have control of...Animals were made first by God not the other way around, and we were given dominion over them but we went way wrong in so many levels. Off my soap box now...


heard alot bout diz game

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