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Janet   Martinusen

I took my Shih Tzu in yesterday for routine dental work and after the Vet did the blood workup she said thier was something going on with her kidneys, so they did a ultrasound of her tummy and found she has really small kidneys, very small , they were not able to do the dental cleaning,
She was sent home wih Clavamox antibiotic to be given 2 x a day for 2 weeks,a nd they changed her dog food to Kd.
Suki is jut tw years old and has been very healty , I would not have know this if I had not taken her in for her dental work.

What am I looking at here? she is my heart .


What can I say? I enjoyed reading this post and will surely come back for more. Thank you!

Beverly Curd

I took my 10 1/2 year old Beagle mix into the Vet today and he was diagnosned with renal failure. We are just heartsick! He has a Brother that we have raised them together, and we don't know what we are going to do for the other one now? Anyway...the Vet put him on KD food and he did eat it, I bought both and mixed it. I learned a lot reading this that I am going to use, such as the B vitamin's! They are our heart's Janet, but we must let them go if we have to.


I have one kidney which was removed 6 years ago. I am 68 years old and occasionally take one 200mg Advil tablet and this takes care of the acheness. On a particular bad week, I may take one a day for 5 or 6 days, never more. My kidney doctor said it was ok. Do you agree? I usually don’t need the Advil at all and I do not take it except occasionally PRN.

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