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dusti lobianco

I have been giving my min-pin insulin injections for over 4 months twice a day and he has tons of scare tissue...I keep changing the injection site, however he is very sensitive and does not like the injections because of the pain. Any suggestions?

Penny C

My 12 year old Pom was diagnosed with Diabetis about 8 weeks ago and takes 4 units of insulin each morning. He is on Hills RD for 6 weeks then to Hills WD for maintenance. He had cataract surgery yesterday, as he had gone completely blind abt. 4 weeks into diabetes diagnosis. He does well for a few days then the sugar in his urine seems to increase.
My question is - would it be better for him to have his insulin split between the morning and evening with his meals? If so, would I just give 2 units AM and 2 units PM? He weighed 13+ pounds prior to his diagnosis but now weighs only 7.5 lbs.


I have 2 diabetic cats.I use a short needle. YOu can always ask about a shorter needle if you are not already using the shortest available.I started out with the longer ones but changed after I changed vets. Also had to change insulin, first one was distcontinued. Both my boys get2 shots a day. We use vetzulin.


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