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We do dog sledding and one of our friends (we don't know her personally but alot of people we know know her)scratched after 1 of her lead dogs died. (Karen Ramstead)

I'm glad atleast he won. He sounds like apretty decent guy.

Afi Phoebe

In my 55yrs. of cat ownership, I finally witnessed the euthanasia injected into one of my ill cats.
I was horrified at the shock and scream my pet projected.
This was a cat of normal weight. Now I have to again put my 18yr old cat to sleep. Because he's only about 3lbs now, and it's time due to age, loss of interest in food and only 2 teeth. He's capable of walking slowly to his litter and to the next room for drinking water on his own.
He no longer preens himself as I've had to asorb that task. Due to his frail musculoskeletal frame, I'm concerned about that injection since he has no muscle left. Are there any wholistic, pain-free solutions that are not as traumatic for a quick end of-life outcome...perhaps I can do myself. [I don't have any chlorophyll]

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