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Hafa Adai,

I help coordinate the Beautify CNMI! efforts on Saipan. We plan to attack the stray dog program through a campaign of responsible pet ownership, neutering and spaying, and hopefully through the creation of a kennel.

Any other suggestions would be welcome, but keep in mind that we are a small island nation with little money, so anything we do has to be cheap, creative, and efficient.

Angelo Villagomez
Beautify CNMI!

Miss Julia Resil

I think you should maybe try to neuter some maybe not all dogs and cats but just enough to reduce the pop. a little if there is not enough money to do so you should ask for donations! Sure some people are stuck up but most anyone especially animal lovers would give to a good cause such as this one. (I'm an animal lover to!) Like put up signs for donations in places such as petsmart, petco, food stores, arcades, restaurants places where people are bound to see them, animal conventions put one up where the dog shows take place start small I'm sure it'll work out mostly dog stores and grocery stores!


Maybe you missed the part about the small island nation? Petsmart? Dog shows? The closest thing we have to a dog show is the cock fights on Sunday nights and the only place to get pet supplies is at the hardware store. The majority of our population lives below the poverty line, so like I said, we need to be cheap, creative, and efficient. Things that work in the mainland won't work out here because we just don't have the money. There is one vet on island and he charges upwards of $200 per spaying/neutering.

I have been very effective in getting thousands of volunteers to pick up trash, plant trees, and paint over graffitti. We are hoping to use some of that success to take care of our stray dog problem.

If you would like to donate to help us, check out our website at Even if you don't donate, please check us out to see what type of effect the average citizen can have on the place that they call home.

Angelo Villagomez
Beautify CNMI!


Hi Angelo, I really sympathize with you, do you have dog liscensing there?Part of a modest fee could help offset spaying/neutering costs. Are these homeless animals? or pets that people can't control.Maybe contact the veterinary pharmaceutical companies that you have there and see if they are willing to donate money or drugs to keep the females from coming in season. Is your organization Beautify CNMI like our Keep America Beautiful groups?


Beautify CNMI! is more of a campaign than a group. We have "proud partners" from government, business, community groups, and would be like if every legislator, government office, business, and community organization in your city decided that the environment was the most important issue in your community.

We do lots of things besides stray dogs, we also plant trees, pick up litter, promote coral reef protection, remove junk cars, promote recyling, and push for strong environmental legislation and zoning. We touch on a lot, but it seems to be working.


Hafa Adai,

I used to live on Saipan and understand what you're talking about. You have a few problems, one is that many of the "wild" dogs do have owners, two, many locals do not believe in "fixing" the animals due to religious belief as well as cost.

A well thought out public awareness project which includes giving presentations to schools and govt offices may help. The local cable will give you free coverage if you push with one of the reporters. I would enlist the help from the Rotary Club, the chamber however is probably a waste. Costco, Triple J, Joeten, and other large companies with govt ties should be able to donate funds if you can show them how they would benefit. Even coin collection cans at the stores may help.

The other option is reproductive "urge". In the western states here they use birth control in food to control populations of coyotes, deer, and other animals. I would suggest a search with Fish & Game in Utah, Colorado, Montana. I know there used to be grants for this type of problem and the CNMI can access those grants. You should be able to convince the local vets to help obtaining BC (if they ordered it through the PI or China it should be cheap), there are also natural birth control i.e. herbs that can be mixed with food (I don't remember what kind).

Other than that I knew a lot of Chinese and PI workers that would eat the dogs as long as they didn't have a collar.

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